Working Capital Conversations Podcast: The Science and Art of Managing Business Risk Today

By Collazo | 14 September 2020
Working Capital Conversations              Podcast: The Science and Art of Managing Business Risk Today (post image)

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Businesses, of course, face risk every day, whether from supply chain disruption, calamity, or as we’ve seen from a series of hurricanes of the last years, Mother Nature. But most of these risks have a foreseeable ending – after all, at some point the hurricane passes.

But among the many business risks during this Covid age are the unknown risks – how long will the pandemic endure? Which geographies will be hit hardest? What might recovery look like?

And while the insurance business can account for many of the regular risks, Covid brings a new, challenging dimension.

How are the insurance companies thinking about Covid-19? Perhaps more significantly, how can businesses measure, plan, and account for the risks they face? How should they think about the problem?

Joe Coughlin is the one you want to ask. Joe is CEO & Founder of Corporate Risk Solutions. With decades of experience in the consulting, advisory, underwriting and brokerage segments of the insurance industry, he has seen virtually every kind of risk – and understands what makes the current pandemic unique. Over that time he has originated thousands of engagements and provided services for many of the largest and most intricate transactions within the private equity and distressed debt markets.