Frequently asked questions

Why do I need CRS if I have an insurance broker? We are solely an outsourced risk advisor and have an unbiased and unencumbered view of the insurance marketplace. Our primary mission is unearthing and protecting vulnerabilities–especially those that could blindside an operation. Insurance brokers focus primarily on the insurance policy placement on your behalf and are compensated based on the insurance purchased. CRS leads structuring insurance and financial solutions that address such exposures and serve as a navigant in all aspects of the risk continuum. CRS is not an insurance broker nor is it an insurance carrier.  We are not in competition with any insurance or risk partner that a client may have.
How do your services compare with those of other consultants? We are not a typical consultant. We are uniquely positioned as a market maker and are fiercely independent. Our sole focus is to serve as a fiduciary and an extension of our clients. Our proprietary relationships and access to market aggregators and facilities enable us to provide the necessary leverage and alternative opportunities that other consultants cannot. CRS goes beyond recommending insurance and conducting risk analytics, we provide excellence in execution. We don’t just uncover what you need, we deliver it.

Why do I need CRS if I have a Risk Manager? We serve as an additional resource to management teams. We are not seeking to replace any internal risk manager, rather we provide independent guidance, access to key partners, identify alternative structures and coverage items and drive opportunities to capture cost savings. In claims scenarios, we work with internal RM, legal, finance and IT to heighten attention and advocacy in the insurance capital markets to enhance recovery. We are in the marketplace as an independent on virtually every line of insurance, globally, 365 days a year, with every relevant carrier, broker, outside lawyers, claims adjusters and actuaries. We provide an added arsenal of tools to enhance a risk manager’s renewal results, programs and deliverables and have years of proven, consistent results.
Do CRS’s services include employee benefits, retirement and/or medical analysis? We made a choice to decline to continue to build a robust, in-house employee benefits, medical and retirement practice. Primary reasoning: the cost to have best in class benefit/medical professionals, pension actuaries, ERISA attorneys (and global equivalents) outweighed the value we would achieve at choosing best-fit partners around the globe that deliver results for our clients.  Should you need such services, we are happy to provide references.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.