New Connections!

By admin | 2 July 2024
New Connections! (post image)

Creating new strategic partnerships to improve enterprise risk management is something that we are most proud of at CRS. We introduced the Quaker Equities and FM Global management teams in January and formalized the partnership with the launch of the new Property program effective today, June 29. This was one of the most collaborative and engaging new business development campaigns run by FM, who quickly recognized Quaker as the “best of the best”. We are incredibly proud of the Quaker executive leadership team, including the Michter’s and Brescome Barton executive teams, for their thoughtful approach to this partnership, their long-term vision and dedication to the protection of their assets, employees and growth of their famous brands. Here we are at a recent gathering at the historic Michter’s Fort Nelson Distillery in downtown Louisville, which was voted the 2023 Most Admired Whiskey in the World! The team includes (L to R) Ryan Babb (Michter’s), Joe Magliocco (Quaker/Michter’s), John Antola (FM), Shawn Warren (FM), Jim Fay (CRS), Chris Fears (Michter’s), Andrea Martin (Michter’s), Rick Robinson (Michter’s) and Dan McKee (Michter’s). Even more special to be in the presence of two members of the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame – congratulations Andrea and Joe!