Navigating Risk, Optimizing Value: 2021

By admin | 20 May 2021
Navigating Risk, Optimizing Value: 2021 (post image)


As you have experienced throughout 2020, especially if you are an asset manager or  fund sponsor with an investment concentration in asset classes of private equity, distressed debt, hedge / multi strategy or venture capital, your business risks are omnipresent and ever-shifting in this marketplace.

Chances are very high that one or more of your funds, your portfolio assets or your investment strategies already have, or unfortunately will, encounter one or more of the following negative business / operational impacts: 

  • Debt restructuring or forbearance, bankruptcy or restructuring
  • Regulatory investigation, probe or industry sweep
  • Cyber security breach or attempted breach, ransom, or phishing 
  • Litigation ( i.e. employment practice liability, directors and officers or general partner liability or other)
  • Uninsured claim(s) arising out of property/business interruption or other operational challenge or dispute 
  • Unexpected, material shifts in the insurance industry causing significant (and precipitous) impact to how/if you purchase insurance given rate & deductible increases

Over the past 35 years, Corporate Risk Solutions, LLC (“CRS”), has been a trusted risk advisor and fiduciary to many of the most well-regarded and successful funds (from small middle market to the largest and longest-standing funds), their respective portfolio companies, and stand-alone operating companies in the world.

CRS, is not a broker, nor does it sell insurance.

We provide meaningful and needed advice and alternative risk solutions to address the changing landscapes, the most difficult and complex insurance and claim situations and help clients focus on how to shift businesses’ focus on risk assumption & transfer.  We serve virtually every industry class and have encountered and solved for many risk/insurance matters irrespective of border, industry vertical, complexity or magnitude.

It would be our pleasure to make a more formal introduction and provide you some additional insights of where/if we may be of assistance to you in the future.

We are here to help you navigate the continuum of risk as it is evolving at a rapid and compounding rate.

We look forward to our discussion!

Corporate Risk Solutions, LLC


Whatever the risk issue, please call Rae McVey at 212.686.3155